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Aspirations, Interests, & Goals – Part 5 – The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life? Is there a meaning of life? Many people have tried to answer these questions. A better question is, what is the meaning of your life? Life has whatever meaning you choose to give it. No one else can find your meaning or purpose in life. Your parents, teachers, friends, or mentors can only suggest your purpose, but only you can find it for yourself. The journey of finding your purpose in life is part of what brings meaning to your life. Your purpose keeps you striving for better and curious about the future.

Your sense of meaning in life cannot depend on others. If you depend on others, it is not personally meaningful to you. If you depend on your kids to give your life purpose, what happens when they no longer need you? When you find meaning in a group or event, you are allowing others to dictate what is meaningful to you. The real meaning in our lives comes from the personal aspirations that keep us curious about life. You can join others who have common interests, but always maintain your personal aspirations meaningful to you.

A “higher” purpose is not as meaningful as a personal purpose. Humans have developed past surviving and flourishing. These goals are not personally meaningful. We need individual goals and purposes for interacting with other people. You will find your purpose by examining your experiences, interactions, abilities, and interests. If your purpose does not include caring for others, it will not last. A “higher” purpose is impersonal, unrealistic, and imposed upon you from another person or group. It is a one-size-fits-all purpose too general to connect with individuals. Your purpose in life is as individual as the humans inhabiting the Earth.

Accepting reality is integral to finding your purpose. Your experiences, interactions, abilities, and interests will all influence your purpose or meaning in life. If your purpose is not realistic, it will not last or be meaningful. Other people will see your purpose in life through your actions and behaviors. Much of our purpose comes from caring about others. Our purpose must allow us to learn, grow, and change as people. We should not base it on a singular experience or event. Your purpose will give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of your life and avoid regrets.

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