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A Quantum Life: My Unlikely Journey from the Street to the Stars

Cover of A Quantum Life: My Unlikely Journey from the Street to the Starsbook

Book Decription:

A NASA astrophysicist narrates his improbable journey from an impoverished childhood and an adolescence mired in drugs and crime to the nation’s top physics PhD program at Stanford in this inspiring coming-of-age memoir.

Born into extreme poverty and emotional deprivation, James Edward Plummer was blessed with a genius I.Q. and a love of science. But in his community, a young bookworm quickly becomes a target for violence and abuse. As he struggles to survive his childhood in some of the toughest cities in the country, and his teenage years in the equally poor backwoods of Mississippi, James adopts the hybrid persona of a “gangsta nerd”–dealing weed in juke joints while winning state science fairs with computer programs that untangle the mysteries of Einstein’s relativity theory.

Categories: Ambiguity, BEHAVIOR, Beliefs, Biases, Change, Complex Realities, Cultures, Exclusionary Behavior, Family, Fear of the Unknown, Freewill, Friendships, Hidden Motives, Independent Thinking, Individuality, Information/Facts, Insincerity, KNOWLEDGE, Learning, Learning from Failures, Logic, Logical Ethics, Lying, Numbers and Mathematics, Opinions, Other People Exist, Planning, Pride & Shame, Race and Racism, Regrets, Science, Social Skills, Societies, Teachers and Mentors, The Scientific Method, THINKING, This or That Thinking, Unhealthy Behavior, and What Should Be

Author: Hakeem Oluseyi

Website: Link

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Publishing Date: 2021-06-15

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