Emancipation of a Black Atheist

Cover of Emancipation of a Black Atheistbook

Book Decription:

Great journeys often start with a single question. For D. K. Evans, a newly married professional in the Christian-dominated South, that question was, “Why Do I Believe in God?” That simple query led him on a years-long search to better understand the nature of religion and faith, particularly as it applies to the Black community. While many taking such a journey today might immerse themselves in the writing of Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens, Evans took inspiration not only from John Henrik Clarke, Yosef-Ben Jochannan, Hubert Harrison, and John G. Jackson, champions of a rich Black tradition of challenging religious orthodoxy, but also from many others in his own community who had similarly come to question their core religious beliefs. While this journey eventually led him to discount the notion of God, he calls on all to ask their own questions, particularly those within the Black community who act on blind faith. While their own journey might not lead to his truth, he acknowledges, that is the only way they will ever emancipate themselves from the truths thrust on them by others and arrive at their most important truth—their own.

Categories: Ambiguity, BEHAVIOR, Beliefs, Biases, Change, Complex Realities, Cultures, Evolution, Exclusionary Behavior, Family, Fear of the Unknown, Friendships, Ideologies, Independent Thinking, Individuality, Information/Facts, Insincerity, KNOWLEDGE, Learning, Learning from Failures, Logic, Logical Ethics, Lying, Other People Exist, Race and Racism, Relationships, Religious Thinking, Societies, The News Media, THINKING, Unhealthy Behavior, and What Should Be

Author: D.K. Evans

Website: Link

Publisher: Pitchstone Publishing

Publishing Date: 2017-12-14

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