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Jane K. Willenbring

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Jane Kathryn Willenbring is an American geomorphologist and professor at Stanford University. She is best known for using cosmogenic nuclides to investigate landscape changes and dynamics. She has won multiple awards including the Antarctica Service Medal and the National Science Foundation CAREER Award.

Main expertice: BEHAVIOR, Biases, Competitive Thinking, Complex Realities, Environmental Science, Exclusionary Behavior, Fear of the Unknown, Freewill, Gender Roles, Hidden Motives, Independent Thinking, Individuality, Information/Facts, KNOWLEDGE, Leadership, Learning, Learning from Failures, Logic, Logical Ethics, Negative Thinking, Numbers and Mathematics, Other People Exist, Planning, Pride & Shame, Regrets, Relationships, Science, Teachers and Mentors, The Scientific Method, THINKING, Unhealthy Behavior, and What Should Be

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