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We have better working brains than ancient humans, but we use our brains to come up with illogical items to put in our mouths. Food is a social event, a status symbol, an art form, and a personal statement. We do not just eat to get rid of the pains within our stomachs; we eat to get rid of the pains within our hearts. I cannot say I have studied food and nutrition my entire life, but I have studied people. People search for meanings in everything, and food is no exception. They want their next meal to transform them into a superhero or transport them to the land of happy taste bud people. We over simplify what we eat and drink. It is not a choice between something tasting good or being good for us. You can have both.
What you put in your mouth is a serious indicator of your health and longevity. Those people who say, “I don’t want to live to be a hundred,” are kidding themselves. Their hundred will take place at fifty. They will get the same aches and pains as the hundred-year-old whose body is twice as old. We cannot eat and drink unhealthy things most of our lives and be healthy. How something tastes is a minor part of why we eat. How food makes us feel is a much better measure of what we should eat. The person miserable after a high-calorie meal is the same person who raved about how good the food tasted while eating it. Food should not be a punishment or a reward, it should energize you.
I eat a mostly vegan diet. I eat meat, but it is rare. We often represent vegans as people out of touch with the evolution of humans. We were hunters and gatherers who ate meat, right? Humans are omnivores, but our Paleolithic ancestors ate little to no meat. If you truly want to eat as our ancient ancestors did, you will eat mainly fruits, nuts, vegetables, and a minimal amount of insects and small animals. Many people claim they need to eat meat as a source of protein. Protein gives you strength and it is important for people to get protein in their diet. Gorillas who are herbivores get plenty of protein from plants. The last time I checked, gorillas were much stronger than humans. Even the animals we eat get most of their protein from plants. Meat is not the only source of protein.
Restaurants, bars, grills, and nightclubs are not natural places to eat and drink. Humans spent millions of years without these places and only thousands of years with them. If most people eating and drinking in these places was healthy, I would call them mere advancements in how we eat. The reality is people eat and drink at these places because they are convenient, pleasurable, sociable, and fulfill individual cravings. People ignore the obesity, alcoholism, and multitude of health problems eating at these places causes. If you go to them on a special occasion, you will probably not experience health problems. If you go to them every day, you will have multiple health problems as you get older.
You do not know what you are putting in your mouth if you do not see it prepared. You rarely see your food prepared at a sit-down restaurant, from a pre-made meal, or from a fast-food restaurant. Preparing your own meal or seeing your meal prepared is the only way of knowing what is in your food. When we do not see our food prepared, the ingredients of the food become less important than how the food tastes. Eating only the best tasting foods can lead to a diet of junk food full of sugar, salt, and fat. These good tasting foods will lead to a shortened and painful death. Since you did not see the food being made, your shortened and painful death may appear as standard aging. It is a sped up aging that is unnecessary.
It is your choice to eat what you want. The only guidelines exist in your goals. If you want to be obese (said no one ever), eat whatever you are craving and ignore the ingredients. If you want to be healthy, eat healthy foods you enjoy eating. Avoiding looking at nutritional facts will not avoid the health consequences. Accept the reality of what goes into your mouth by knowing exactly what is in the food you eat. Do not hide the ingredients of the food you eat from yourself.
You put food in your mouth, but your stomach does the important job of digestion. You are feeding your stomach. Food spends a relatively brief time in your mouth compared to your stomach and other organs. We should all be pleasing our stomachs more and our mouths less. We only notice our stomach when we have a problem with it. Pain is the quickest way to get you to think about what is in your stomach. If you have pain in your stomach regularly, change what you put in your mouth.
The part of food most people think about the least happens when we finish digesting it. It is a reality we are not eager to accept or examine, but it is important to our health. You cannot accept the reality of your digestion if you do not examine your urine and bowel movements. Before you freak out too much, I am only suggesting you notice irregularities and signs of problems. If you are not sure what is normal, consult health experts in person or online. Most of us do not talk about these things with others because they gross us out or make us uncomfortable. Being too embarrassed to talk about them could lead to many unhealthy consequences.
Before I finish talking about what we put in our mouths, I want to mention the importance of water. I had kidney stones at one point, so I know the problems from not getting enough of it. Water helps with hydration, digestion, circulation, and body temperature. You cannot be healthy if you do not drink enough water. Your body needs water all day. Remembering to drink throughout the day can be difficult if you are focusing on other things. Put water in your focus area or take water with you wherever you go. Forgetting to drink water is forgetting about your health.

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