Your R.A. Level


The following is a self-assessment of the level of reality that you currently accept. I encourage you to assess yourself before and after you examine the four categories of

Give yourself one point for each statement you agree with about yourself and others.

Other People Exist

  • I am aware of my affect on other people.
  • I care about issues that only affect other people.
  • I try to be altruistic (showing a selfless concern for others).
  • No person is more important or better than another.
  • I vote for the candidate who is good for the most amount of people.
  • Not caring about something does not make it unimportant to others.
  • I do not have an opinion about everything.
  • I rarely lie to others or myself.
  • I care about other people and hope they care about me.
  • I am usually aware of how others feel emotionally.

_______ Other People Exist Reality Acceptance Score


  • I do not follow any one religion.
  • I do not believe in the supernatural.
  • Life is not win or lose.
  • I am not overly concerned with obtaining wealth.
  • I can talk to people with which I disagree.
  • I change my mind often.
  • You can be a good person no matter your background.
  • I think logically most of the time.
  • You create your own meaning in life.
  • I enjoy thinking about many different things.

_______ Thinking Reality Acceptance Score


  • Science is the closest thing we have to examining reality without bias.
  • I do not believe in things that have little evidence for their existence.
  • Evolution is a theory that has been proven through an over-whelming amount of evidence.
  • The human body is not perfect.
  • Humans are not superior to other animals.
  • Genetic diversity is important to all species.
  • Asking questions is important.
  • Failure is important to learning and nothing is perfect.
  • I refer to a consensus of experts regarding concepts I do not fully understand.
  • I understand how the scientific method works.

_______ Science Reality Acceptance Score


  • I get regular exercise.
  • I accept medical advice from medical experts.
  • I do not hate anyone or anything.
  • Mental illness is a serious problem for many people.
  • Health and happiness are important to me.
  • I do not harbor resentment toward others.
  • Mental and physical health are related.
  • Most of the time, I eat healthy foods.
  • Most of the time, I do not consume foods or drinks that have no nutritional value.
  • I am not an aggressive or stressful person.

_______ Health Reality Acceptance Score


_______ Total Reality Acceptance Score (add all four categories above)


0-10 Low reality acceptance
11-20 Low to medium reality acceptance
21-30 Medium reality acceptance
31-40 High reality acceptance

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