Humans are adept at thinking. Using our brains is how we decide, take actions, and stay alive. Many animals are bigger, stronger, and have larger teeth, but humans can think themselves out of an attack or into a meal for their small teeth. We have come so far as humans that many people think about the process of thinking. We wonder things and seek knowledge, but we also hate ourselves and deny the realities we do not want to accept. Our brain can do as much good as it can damage ourselves and others. Perception, our beliefs, and clouded judgment allow our brains to accept a false or mistaken reality. Our brains can pick what to accept, but reality stays the same. A brain is a powerful tool, but it has limits. One person can never know what is happening in someone else’s mind. The best we can do is to understand the reality of our minds to harness the power of every person’s brain for the betterment of humanity.

Thinking Resource Library

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