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Robia Rashid

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Robia Sara Rashid is an American television writer-producer and showrunner. She is widely known as the creator of Netflix original series Atypical. Rashid was also the co-story editor, co-producer and supervising producer of the CBS sitcom series How I Met Your Mother.

Main expertice: All-or-Nothing Thinking, BEHAVIOR, Beliefs, Biases, Change, Competitive Thinking, Complex Realities, Cultures, Emotions, Empathy, Exclusionary Behavior, Family, Fear of the Unknown, Friendships, Gender Roles, Happiness, HEALTH, Independent Thinking, Individuality, KNOWLEDGE, Learning, Learning from Failures, LGBTQ Issues, Logical Ethics, Mental Health, Negative Thinking, Other People Exist, Over-all Health, Physical Health, Regrets, Relationships, Social Skills, Societies, Teachers and Mentors, Therapy, THINKING, This or That Thinking, Unhealthy Behavior, and What Should Be

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